If you are looking for a high quality reliable 3D printer, with a large build volume, then the Easy3DMaker 3D printer for you.

The EASY3DMAKER in a Premium European 3D printer made in the Czech Republic with high precision, stability and durability in mind. This award winning machine boast 80mm/s print speed and 230mm/s travel speed, a z resolution of 0.08mm, 0.125mm and 0.25mm and a 200 x 200 x 230mm printing volume.


It is suitable for both ABS and PLA with a maximum extruder temperature of 280° C also you can experiment with other filaments such as Nylon, HIPS and PET.

3DFactories have made no compromise on quality. This 3D printer designed to work around the clock. it is built from precision CNC parts and encased in a a full picked steel enclosure. It includes a an inbuilt filament holder, a thick solid fiberglass build platform and professional grade extruder.

images courtesy ofCreative Tools

3DFactories have developed there own propitiatory 3D Printing software- G3Dmaker. This software is included with the EASY3DMAKER and is intuitive and simple to use. Repetier-Host may is also be used to control this machine.

Print Samples

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Print Area 200 x 200 x230mm (9.2 litres)
Layer Thickness (Z- Resolution)  0.08 / 0.125 / 0.25mm
Dimensional Tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Dimensions 400 x 400 x 500mm
Weight 16kg
Print Speed 80mm/s
Moving Speed 230mm/s
Extruder Temperature 280° C (max)
Nozzle Size 0.5mm (standard)
Heated Build Platform Yes (included)
Power 24Volts / 180 Watts
Package Dimensions 520 x 520 x 680mm
Software G3Dmaker (Windows), Repetier (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Compatible CAD Import file formats .stl and .3ds
Consumables 1.75mm Filament ABS / PLA (genuine 3DFactories ABS / PLA recommended)
  3DFactories 3DGlue (100ml)


Package Includes-

Easy3DMaker 3d printer

G3Dmaker software (CD)

3Dglue (for adhering models to build platform)

Allen Key


240 to 24V adapter and cable

USB cable 2m