MINGDA MD-600D High Speed Dual Extruder

The MD-600D is high speed enclosed build chamber FFF 3D printer which features a substantial 600mm by 600mm by 600mm print volume,engineered specifically for reliable industrial prints and engineering materials. It boasts closed-loop stepper motors on all axes and retractable dual nozzles. Both hotends reach up to 350°C, allowing for printing high-temperature Nylon filaments in demanding applications.
This second nozzle can not only be used for multi-color printing but is often loaded with a support material that easily snaps off the printed
parts, so even the most complex prints and prototypes are possible on this machine.

This printer utilises the latest in Klipper ecosytem of 3d printer technology including high 300m/s print speeds, vibration compensation, automated bed leveling and MINGDA world first optical nozzle alignment calibration.


Car facia 3d printed om Large format 3d printer Mingda DM 1000D

MINGDA MD-600D Specifications

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