MINGDA MD-400D High Speed Dual IDEX Extruder

The MD-400D is high speed enclosed build chamber FFF 3D printer engineered with an Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX), making it stand out in its class. It features a substantial 400mm by 400mm by 400mm print volume, engineered specifically for reliable prints in engineering materials.

It offers several different printing modes that make it both versatile and capable of tackling numerous projects. Duplicate Mode offers the capability to print two identical models at once, thus increasing productivity. Mirror Mode enables users to create symmetrical models while saving significant time. Dual-Material Mode provides an option to print a single model in two colours or two materials with different mechanical properties, adding artistic and mechanical edge to 3D printed parts.

Experience superior print quality for complex geometric parts by implementing the MD-400D Support Mode, which assists in printing complex structural models with remarkable precision. This support-focused feature enables user to print with high-performance materials and breakaway material. Complex models with overhanging elements often require support structures, and this is especially true when working with advanced materials. By utilising the second extruder for support printing with a breakaway filament, the MD-400D simplifies support removal, ensuring a smooth and successful printing experience.

Both hot ends reach up to 350°C, allowing for printing high-temperature Nylon filaments and composites for demanding applications.

This printer utilises the latest in Klipper ecosytem of 3d printer technology including high 300m/s print speeds, vibration compensation, automated bed leveling and MINGDA world first optical nozzle alignment calibration.

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MIngda MD-400 IDEX 3d pritner key features

MINGDA MD-400D Specifications

MIngda MD-400D Specifications

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