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The Up Mini is no longer available. It is been updated to the new Up Mini 2 which you can findhere-

The Up Mini 3D Printer might look like an espresso machine, but at this price, it is the best thing since sliced bread...Read the reviews at the bottom of the page from our real customers. These machines are AWESOME!

Up Mini 3D Printer looks like an expresso machine

This is the ideal 3D printer for primary and high schools and home users.

This is the latest version which now includes the version 2.15 of the Up!software which now includes optimised print settings for PLA !

Up Mini metal enclosure with enclosed heat chamber

The UP Mini 3D Printer, with its full metal, temperature stabilizing enclosure.

Up Mini 3D Printer has hot swappable removable extruder

The UP! Mini is based on the simplicity of a traditional inkjet printer, with a snap in printer head, slide in build table and clip in consumable roll. You are now ready to start making your big ideas into 3-Dimensional usable models out of tough ABS+ or PLA plastic.

The Hot end assembly is easily removed for maintenance, attached by magnets.

There is no sacrifice on build quality with the UP! Mini, with its enclosed steel construction, double linear bearings on each axis and a temperature stabilizing build chamber; it is ready to produce quality parts on your desk within 15 minutes from switching it on.

"The UP! Mini is the result of 1000's of hours of field testing & valuable feedback from our rapidly growing UP!  user community." says PP3DP's Director of International Marketing, Joseph Guo.

Whats in the box

Up Mini comes with a tool kit and saftey gear


  • Build footprint of 4.7” x 4.7” x 4.7” / 120 x 120 x 120mm with heated build table.
  • Enclosed chamber to reduce warping.
  • Double linear bearings on each axis - ensures consistent build quality throughout the entire print process.
  • Print speed of 10-100 cm3 per hour
  • Layer resolution of 0.2mm (200 microns)
  • Chip free and open consumables – You can use any suppliers ABS roll of 1.75mm plastic with your UP! Mini. The UP! Mini consumable is an open design so you are not locked into expensive consumables as opposed to expensive inkjet cartridges.
  • USB interface for inkjet simplicity print spooling, you can unplug your computer once the UP! Mini starts printing.
  • Includes the Smart UP! Software, tools and a full roll of plastic to get you started. 
Printing Printing Technology Melted Extrusion Manufacturing(MEM)
Build Volume 120 x 120 x 120 mm (W x H x D)
4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7" 
Print Head Single, modularized for easy installation
Layer Thickness 0.2 / 0.25 / 0.30 / 0.35mm
Supporting Structure Smart Support Technology: automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable
Platform Leveling Software Assisted Calibration
Print Surface Heated with Perf Board
Average Operational Noise 54 dB
Untethered Printing Yes
Consumable Supported Printing Materials UP ABS, UP PLA
Software Bundled Software UP Software
Compatible Format STL,UP3,UPP
Connectivity USB
Operating System Win XP/Vista/7/8,Mac OS
Power Supply Power Adapter 110-240VAC,50-60 Hz,220W
Mechanical Chassis Metal,enclosed
Weight 6KG / 13LB
Dimension 240(W) x 355(H) x 340(D)mm
Weight with Packaging 11.2KG  / 25LB
Packaging Dimension 500(W) x 490(H) x 350(D) mm


-Up Mini 3D Printer User Manual.pdf-

-3D Printing Systems Warranty Terms on Up 3D Printers.pdf-

-3D Printing Systems Extended Warranty Terms on Up 3D Printers.pdf-