Formbot T-Rex 3 500mm with IDEX

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A new generation of giant printers!

The T-Rex 3 is the next generation of high performance 3D printer, constructed with the high quality components which incorporates the latest technology in 3D printing. Available in two heights, a 500mm and 700mm version. Including TMC2208 Stepper Drivers for quieter and stronger printing, and better micro-stepping to completely eliminate the salmon effect. A new set of filament run out sensors ensure that your larger prints can work more reliably than ever before, letting you print big without the hassle. With a high temperature heated bed, and an included PEI sheet, a large print is easier than ever. 

The Formbot T-Rex 3 700 is a seriously big printer! With a build volume of 400 x 400 x 700 mm, you get a huge 112 litres of area to print in! Assembled out of high quality components, the Formbot T-Rex 3 700 uses incredibly thick linear rail and bearing to ensure smooth movement, and industrial ballscrews to attain incredible z accuracy.  

Built with independent dual extruders allows the Formbot T-Rex 3 700 to print in more ways so suit your requirements! Print with two materials for soluble support, dual colours, or print two objects at the same time for twice the printing speed! 

Print bigger and bolder!

With 112,000 cubic centimetres of volume, the T-Rex 3 700 has twice the build volume of the Raise Pro 2 Plus for half the price, and and nearly three times the build volume of the Makerbot Replicator Z18! Never be constrained by your build volume again, and print big!

With two independent extrusion nozzles, the Formbot T-Rex 3 700 can print two materials at once with no oozing and no damage to the model, a feature unique to the Formbot among printers this big! With two independent extruders, you can print a model with two colours, a model with two materials, a model with soluble supports, or two of the same model at the same time! 

With an independent heat bed, the Formbot T-Rex 3 700 can reach 100 degrees across the entire 400 x 400 build plate in mere minutes! Plugging into the wall, the heat bed has dual zones of heating, allowing you to heat the entire plate, or just the centre if you're printing a smaller object. The heat bed is run via an SSR system, so this beast of a heat bed can be controlled by the printer, ensuring you always have the perfect heat and settings for your print. Originally offered as an extra upgrade, the full metal heat bed is now included with every one of our Formbot T-Rex 3 printers, making your larger prints more reliable than ever before.

Upgraded from the Formbot T-Rex 2+, the T-Rex 3 has a higher temperature built in extruder, which uses a high temperature PTFE tube, that allows you to more easily print with a variety of materials, up to 350 degrees Celsius (or 623 degrees Kelvin if you want to feel special). The Formbot T-Rex 3 comes with a high quality PEI sheet for your bed adhesion, allowing you to get glass smooth base layers with the best adhesion method available. 

If you have a T-Rex 2+, don't feel left out. You can buy a complete upgrade kit, turning your printer from a T-Rex 2+ to a T-Rex 3!

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