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The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro was built to professional standards, but remains an affordable workhorse 3D printer for small businesses, hobbyists, makers, and more. Whether you're prototyping with PLA or producing end-use parts with carbon fiber-filled filament, the Creator Pro 3 is capable of handling commercial applications without the high price tag that comes with most professional machines.

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Industrial Printer - Desktop Size

Flashforge have introduced their newest, and most impressive printer, the Creator 3.

The Creator 3 is the culmination of years of experience, taking industrial level 3D printing into a more compact form factor. The Creator 3 uses independent extruders to allow for the printing of incredibly complicated shapes and parts with ease, using soluble supports. Independent extruders also allow for the printer to print the same part twice, allowing for small production runs at double the speed of an ordinary printer.

Flashforge have really produced this machine for the professional market and user, with all gantry pieces produced out of moulded metal, to ensure absolute rigidity for printing at higher speeds with the greatest precision. This, along with 32bit stepper drivers for smoother parts, and a heated, removable, flexible bed, ensure that this printer produces the highest quality parts with no fuss.

Packed with features for a perfect printing experience

The Flashforge Creator 3 isn't just a printer made with dual independent extruders and an incredibly rigid gantry, it's also got a host of features to make your printing experience better.

Included is a multi-step automated bed levelling, using an induction system built into the nozzles themselves. With a mechanical bed levelling to ensure a standard level of flatness, the Creator 3 follows this up with an entirely automated mesh bed levelling before every print to ensure that there is a perfectly aligned first layer for every print, without any hassle.

The printer also comes with a built in HD camera, allowing you to monitor and manage your 3D print from anywhere in the world, or control it along with other Flashforge printers from Flashcloud, online slicing and printer management software.

Filament run out detecting allows you to get printing without having to worry about how much filament is left on a roll, or constantly checking the filament levels. If the Creator 3 runs out of material in the middle of a print, it will simply pause the print, allowing you to put in more material and continue.

An all metal print head allows you to work with the most exotic or industrial level filaments available. Machined out of a stainless steel, these extruders can handle incredibly abrasive material without the standard wear and tear. The nozzles include an incredibly long heating chamber, paired with an incredibly efficient and effective heat break, allows you to print whatever materials you want, incredibly quickly, at temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. This partnered with the all metal gantry means this printer can produce beautifully fine results, or incredibly fast results, matching your requirements.

Control this printer via a USB cable, WiFi, or keep it truly independent by slicing and saving your files to a USB stick and loading them directly. An interactive touch screen makes operating the Creator 3 incredibly simple and intuitive.

New Features for the Flashforge Creator 3 V2

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