MakerBot Canary

January 17, 2018

MakerBot Canary

About Canary

Founded in 2013, Canary is a New York City startup that released the first ever all-in-one security system. It combines smart sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity to provide customers with real-time access to a video feed and status updates via the Canary mobile app. In order to stay competitive, Canary needed a comprehensive rapid prototyping solution that could accelerate iteration and address the wider needs of its engineers and designers. By using MakerBot solutions, Canary can accelerate iteration, test ideas, quickly make design decisions, and bring better products to market faster.


Accelerating Iterative Design and Product Testing

“At Canary, we pride ourselves on working quickly and focusing on design so we spend a lot of time prototyping,” says CEO and Co-Founder of Canary, Adam Sager. The MakerBot solution helped streamline iterative development by enabling high-quality concept modeling, and functional testing.
Canary brought on two MakerBot Replicator+, one MakerBot Replicator Mini+, and the MakerBot Tough PLA Filament. The MakerBot printers are dispersed on desks near engineers and designers. This close proximity accelerates iteration, allows the team to more easily make decisions and collaborate, develop concepts, exchange ideas, conduct fit studies with printed parts, and have quick meetings to discuss whether an idea will work or not. “Days matter, minutes matter, and having the Replicator+ behind my desk just saved that much more time. I could quickly model something, send it to the printer, keep working on the next version, and as soon as the other one is done, pop it off, and send the next version to the printer. So iteration is just that quick", said James Krause, Director of Industrial Design at Canary.


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