3D Printing Featured On BBC - In Depth 3D Printing & Scanning Explained

November 24, 2012


Mainstream Media Still Doesn’t Get It 

Despite being around for over 20 years, 3D printers have still not received the mainstream press the technology deserves. That’s why it was pretty amazing to see the BBC do a special on 3D printing. Unfortunately, the report focused on all the wrong things.

Jeremy Paxman, presenter for BBC’s Newsnight program, recently investigated the rise of 3D printing and the challenges it faces. The special does a pretty good job of explaining the basics, but it gets a little cringeworthy when the focus turns to a one-on-one between Paxman and Paul Webber at Objet. Even then, Webber keeps his cool like a champ while Paxman throws a barrage of inane questions at him.

Much of the ground covered in BBC’s program has been covered before, but it’s worth watching to see how the mainstream media views 3D printing. Much of the conversation is still centered on piracy and how 3D printing threatens traditional manufacturing. It may be true, but we should be focusing on how 3D printing is improving lives. Webber did a fantastic job of showing the medical innovations that 3D printing has brought to the table. 


source: www.webpronews.com by Zach Walton November 12 2012

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