Creator 4-S with IDEX

The Flashforge Creator 4 is a high-performance dual extruder 3d printer with a heated build chamber capable of printing in engineering materials for commercial production.

This version comes with a pair of Extruder-HT (for engineering materials) and a pair of Extruder-HS (for carbon fiber composite materials) extruders.

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Creator 4 Professional 3D Printer with Dual Print Heads & Heated Build Chamber

The Creator 4 is a large format high-performance 3D printer optimised for commercial applications. The temperature controlled build chamber controls warping and improves strength of producing 3d printer parts in engineering grade materials. Flashforge's Interchangeable Independent Dual Extrusion Systems with open filament support ensures the Creator 4 is capable of printing with high demanding materials from flexible, nylons, high strength and composites.

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