UW-03 Washing/Curing Machine

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UW-03 Washing & Curing Machine

Washing and Curing of 3D Prints is an essential part of the process of producing 3D Printed models on a UV curing resin 3D Printer.

Creality has provided an all in one solution to clean and cure resin models effectively and safely with the UW-03 Washing & Curing Machine.

When a model build in a resin print, the model is contaminated with uncured resin. It is essential that this is washed of the part prior to removing support structures.

Once supports are removed the models requires a final flash of UV rays to fully cure the resin- ensuring the model becomes fully set to remove any tackiness as well as increase the strength and durability of the part.

This will ensure that the model is safe to touch, dry and ready for painting if desired.

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