75" RP Series Interactive Flat Display

This is the 75 inch Interactive Flat Display system from BenQ. Perfect for the classroom or workplace. 


The New Generation of High Quality Interactive Displays

BenQ’s new interactive displays are designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help teachers build a healthy and engaging learning environment. Not only do these screens come with the Eye-Care solution, air quality sensor, and germ resistant screens, but they are also installed with proficient annotation tools for enhanced class participation. BenQ has created the ultimate interactive displays to achieve a touch-enhanced, smooth and fun learning experience.

EZWrite 4.1 Lite : An Easy and Fun Annotation Solution

EZWrite 4 Series, pre-installed exclusively on BenQ’s IFPs, is the ultimate annotation app that is designed to facilitate interactive learning with a tap. EZWrite 4 Series instantly turns the interactive flat panel into a full-size whiteboard for illustrating ideas, recording notes, brainstorming, and more. More than just taking notes, EZWrite 4 Series also comes with all sorts of tools that can encourage cooperation and participation. It’s accessible and easy to use for both teachers and students.

Access Diverse Files on the Fly

EZWrite 4.1 Lite directly opens a wide range of files, and image files for convenient annotations in productive meetings without the need for external PCs.


Save annotations as .pdf or .png files and share them as review materials through QR code, print, USB drive, or IFP's internal memory.

Tool Box

Tool Box is the all-in-one place that offers a wide range of useful teaching tools, including calculator, geometry, and team post to facilitate truly interactive lectures.

Twice the touch resolution

BenQ’s new education IFPs fine-tune handwriting experience with an advanced fine IR touch that further reduces the gap between actual landing point and the point displayed on the screen. Additionally, the new series also allows teachers to create a more natural handwriting as the new touch frame recognizes a smaller radius. To avoid creating cursive handwriting by accident, the new series reduces the pre-touch distance to offer a better touch and writing experience.

Facilitate Teaching Flow with Friendly Design

With an inbuilt wireless NFC reader, the RP series of interactive displays allow different users to log into their preferred set up and programs with a simple tap of a card. Save time in every meeting or class by skipping log in and set up.

To further ensure uninterrupted learning for students, BenQ Education IFP streamlines the steps for teachers to start classes with BenQ Launcher. Created to aggregate all key tools in one hub, BenQ Launcher allows teachers to start using EZWrite whiteboard as well as accessing to variety input sources in a single tap without logging into their accounts. Teachers can also put announcements on the message board. Additionally, BenQ Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting teachers effortlessly switch between recent apps and input signal sources at fingertips. 

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