3D Printing Gallery

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The 3D Printer Superstore retail shop front is open

Early morning start in Collingwood.

Fly on the wall.

Up Plus 2 3D Printer in action

3D printers sitting on the wall...

Buy 3D Printed Flower Pots in store

3D Printed flower pots for sale $59.

Easy3DMaker 3d printer

Breeding rabbits the Easy3DMaker way.

White Bunny found a friend.

First test print on a new Leapfrog Creatr.

High resolution scan/print shows finger prints!

This one is printed on the Profi3dMaker at 0.08mm resolution. Very Nice.

3D Body scans 3d printed

You can have yourself 3D Scanned and 3D Printed in our Retail Store. From $39.

200mm Full Body scan and 3D Print for $99.

Bust being printed on the Profi3DMaker at 50% scale.

3D Body scanning service Melbourne

Two mates immortalised. 3D Scanned in store.


Skanect 3D Scanner

 Screen shot of 3D Model creaded with Skanect 3D Scanner.

3D Printered Skull on the Up Plus 2 

I swear the print quality on this printer gets better every time I use it. They should have called it the Up Plus Totally Awesome 2.

 3D Printed Dentures

No fillings are required here. I could easily use a 3D Pen if there was.

3D Printer Skull from High resolution 3d scanBite me.

you wouldn't download a car and 3d print it

Errr... actually yes I would. Especially if it is a 3D printable Honda NSX concept car!

3D Printable Honda NSX Concept Car

The downloadable Honda NSX concept car. download here

Mankati 3D Printer

Evaluating a new large format 3D Printer. This printer has a 300mm build height.  A 48 hour print of the rear section of the Honda is a good longevity test. The final car will be 55cm long. Looking good so far. 

48 Hour longevity test on latest evaluation machine with 250 x 250 x 300mm build volume!

Richard from 3D Printer Superstore

Why make hundreds of clones of yourself with a 3D Printer....because you can!

The Final result...amazing!


Here is a video showing the finished 3d print of the Honda NSX Concept Car.

I must admit when it comes to 3D Printers, size  matters! Especially when you can print 300mm high like in this print test.

First test print on the Dreamer - 28 hour print at 0.1mm in ABS. The aim is to see how much improvement to print quality we get from the fully enclosed build chamber.

The Flashforge Dreamer in the flesh, now in store!

The Flashforge Collection: Dreamer, Creator Dual and Creator X in dressed in Black