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MakerBot Replicator+ Experimental Bundle

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Neil G.
MakerBot Replicator+ Experimental Bundle

The printer was easy to set up. The quality of the printouts is excellent. Nice to have a good amount of filament that came with the bundle. Students are looking forward to using the experimental extruder.

Get ready to create, the Makerbot Replicator+ Experiemental Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to start making and experimenting without the hassle! The bundle comes with a Makerbot Replicator+ 3D printer, a ten pack of high quality Makerbot PLA filament, an Experimental Smart Extruder+ and a roll of PA-CF20 Carbon filament. 


makerbot experimental extruder bundle replicator + spread contents



Improved reliability and precision- the gantry and Z-stage are redesigned with stiffer materials and a sturdier construction that allows for a 25% increase in build volume, 28% quieter operating noise and 30% faster print speed than it's predecessor. The Z-stage construction is factory calibrated so the printer does not need bed levering out of the box.


Makerbot Replicator+ Flex Build Plate with Grip Build Surface


Better Print adhesion and easier removal of 3d prints with the newly design flexible build plate with grip build surface- reduced warping and curling, does not require any additional adhesion materials such as tape.


Onboard Camera to monitor your 3d prints


The On-board Camera allows you to monitor 3d printing remotely from a PC, MAC or smart device.


Makerbot Replicator+ 6th Generation On-board full colour LCD screen


The Makerbot Replicator+ has a full colour LCD screen which allows you to control your Makerbot, monitor the status of a 3d print as well as scroll through pictorial images of your onboard sliced 3d models.


Hot Swapable Makerbot Smart Extruder+


The Makerbot Replicator+ utilises the hot swapable Smart Extruder+ which enables you to monitor filament extrusion remotely - significantly reducing the chance of a print failure. Your Makerbot will pause mid print and inform you to replace your filament if it runs out, jams or is bumped during a print, allowing you to attend to any issues and resume your print where it left off.


Makerbot Print Software

The Powerful free Makerbot Print Software (for MAC and PC) allows you to import native CAD models which eliminates low polygon artifacts found on .stl files.


Makerbot Print Auto Arange Feature


Makerbot Print Software is ideal for Professional and educational use allowing imported CAD models to be arranged automatically across multiple build plates. The software automatically adjusts optimal slicing algorithms for each individual printer and extruder type. You can then print the builds simultaneously or sequentially on one or more Makerbot 3d printers.


Cloud Library of CAD models using Makerbot Print Software for 3d printing


For easy collaboration the cloud enabled management system enables you to control and monitor multiple connected 3D printers via live camera feeds and print status updates.



Print Technology
Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volume
29.5 L X 19.5 W X 16.5 H cm

9,492 Cubic Centimeters

Layer Resolution
100 microns

Filament Diameter
1.75 mm

Filament Compatibility
MakerBot PLA Filament
Large Spool,
MakerBot PLA Filament
Small Spool,
MakerBot Tough PLA Filament
Large Spool

Extruder Compatibility
Smart Extruder+,
Tough PLA Smart Extruder+

Nozzle Diameter
0.4 mm

Print File Type


Ambient Operating Temperature
15­-32°C [60­-90°F]

Storage Temperature
0­-38°C [32-­100°F]

Size & Weight

Product Dimensions
52.8 L X 44.1 W X 41.0 H

Shipping Box
61.6 L X 52.4 W X 57.9 H cm

Product Weight
18.3 KG

Shipping Weight
(Includes Accessory Kit)
22.8 KG [50.2 LBS]


PC ABS with Powder-Coated

Steel Reinforcement,
Aluminum Casting and

Extrusions for Motion Components

Build Surface
Grip Surface

Build Plate Leveling
Factory Leveled

Stepper Motors
1.8° step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping

XY Positioning Precision
11 Microns

Z Positioning Precision
2.5 Microns


Software Bundle
MakerBot Print Software,
MakerBot Mobile

Supported File Types

Operating Systems
Windows (7, 10)
Mac OS X (10.9+)


Power Requirements
100-­240 V, 50-60 HZ
0.76-0.43 A

USB, Ethernet, Wi­fi


Camera resolution
640 x 480

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