• XYZprinter Flexible Filament for Da Vinci 3D Printers (500g) ex gst


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Da Vinci 3D printer FLEXIBLE filament WHITE 500GRAMS The flexible filaments are made using heat-molded and cold-setting materials that help provide plastic products a degree of flexibility. The non-toxic and waterproof properties allow one to transform rich creativity into various innovative projects.

  • Da Vinci 3D printer FLEXIBLE filament WHITE 500 GRAMS
  • Compatible with Da Vinci 1.0A & 1.0AiO, 2.0 1.1 and Da Vinci Pro series 3d printers
  • Can be used on other branded 3d printers.

White 600gm ABS Filament for da Vinci printers by XYZprintingSnow White  

Da VInci Flexible 3d printer filament