• Taulman3D In-PLA Industrial Strength 1.75mm 1kg (ex gst)


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In-PLA is an excellent high strength 3D printing material formulated by Taulman3D. It is a PLA composite that provides higher strength to conventional PLA, it prints smoothly and has very low warp characteristics making it ideal for high dimensional tolerance applications as well as large scale parts. The high strength properties make it ideally suited to static / mechanical structures. In-PLA is more transparent than regular PLA with a cooler more vibrant shine which provides a spectacular lustre to 3d printed objects.

In-PLA provides the following advancements:
1. Increase in tensile
2. Increased Elongation
3. Increased Heat Deflection Temp
4. Correct color properties

 Taulman3d In-Pla filament 3d printed in blueTaulman3d In-Pla filament 3d printed in transparentTaulman3d In-Pla filament 3d printed in red


Recommended 3D Printing Settings-

Print temperature:  217C - 222C

Heated bed preferred, up to 70C max