• Rhino 5 for Windows, Flamingo nXt, Penguin 2.0, Bongo Bundle Lab Kit (ex gst)

    Robert McNeel & Associates

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This package includes:

A license to use the Rhino bundle on all the computers in a single classroom or lab and the instructor's computer. A network is not required. Or, a floating license to use Rhino on 30 computers in a department. A network and the Zoo is required.

1 x  User's guide on the CD in PDF format

1 x  Rhinoceros 5.0 Modeling software CD

1 x Flamingo nXt Photo realistic Rendering software CD

1 x Penguin Sketch Rendering software CD

1 x Bongo Animation software CD

1 x Curriculum guide with Word documents online
1 x Level 1 training guides (also on CD in PDF format)

1 x Level 2 training guides (also on CD in PDF format)


Available for Primary, and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities