• Raise3D N2 Plus Dual Head 3D Printer (ex gst)


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Come see the Raise3D N2 Plus printer in our Superstore, it's time to print big! 

The 3D Printer Superstore is happy to welcome the Raise3D printers to our line up. The N2 Plus is a high performance large format professional 3D printer at a consumer price. Never before have we been able to print so large, so reliably!

Raise3d N2 Plus enclosed chamber 3d printer front view

When it comes to performance and specifications, the Raise 3D N2 Plus ticks all the boxes. A solid aluminum framed fully enclosed 3d printer with over 55 litre build volume, a heated print bed, pre-calibrated with onboard computer and large intuitive 7 inch touch screen and Wi-Fi conectivity. This printer can print at high speeds up to 150mm/s and high precision using 32 bit controller with 0.0125mm positional accuracy in XY and 0.00125mm in the Z axis. This printer can print at an incredible 0.01mm Z resolution, able to print a large variety of engineering grade materials with its high temperature print heats up to 300 degrees as well as multi-material prints including soluble support.

The N2 Plus has a build volume of 305 x 305 x 610mm, meaning you don't have to be held back from realising your greatest designs! This also allows for the printing of multiple objects at once, saving on your time spent setting up prints, letting you get on with your work faster than ever before.

raise3d 3d printer n2 build volume australia melbourne

The N2 Plus is open to different materials, allowing you to print in a nearly endless array of prototyping materials and plastics. The hotends will heat up to 300C, and with the print bed reaching 110C, you can print with virtually any filament your project needs. 

raise3d 3d printer large material options types plastic melbourne australia

Printing big doesn't mean you have to settle for lesser print quality though, the N2 Plus can print from anywhere between 0.01mm - 0.25mm. That means you can print 100 layers per millimeter. This is achievable because of the incredibly rigid frame that the N2 Plus is built with, allowing for very high print quality, although we've yet to print anything that takes the whole print volume at 10 micron layers. 

raise3d 3d printer print quality 10 microns australia melbourne

The N2 Plus is controlled using an onboard 7 inch touchscreen. Not only is it a very beautiful interface, this is one of the areas where key features of the N2 Plus really shines. If you suffer a power outage mid-print, the printer automatically saves your print progress, allowing you to continue where you left off once power has been restored. You can print large, slow pieces with complete ease of mind. 

The interface is a complete computer, with 1 SD card slot and 4 USB slots, with a 1Ghz, 32bit processor and 8gb onboard flash memory. This is an incredibly powerful 3D printer, with plenty of room for upgrades in the future!

raise3d 3d printer interface 7 inch screen touch melbourne australia


All of the Raise3D printers prepare their models using Ideamaker 3D slicing software. Powerful and easy to use, Ideamaker has quickly become one of our favorite slicing softwares. The customisable support structures is a feature every 3D slicing software needs. The N2 Plus 3D printer is also compatible with Simplify3D for more season 3D printers. 

raise3d 3d printer slicing software model australia melbourne


Ideamaker Software

Quickstart guide


Print volume / build size (X,Y,Z) 305 x 305 x 610
Frame size (X,Y,Z) 610 x 590 x 1100 mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS) 0.01 - 0.25   mm
Accuracy (Theoretical positioning resolution) Z axis 0.00125, XY axis 0.0125 mm
Print Speed 40-150 mm/sec
Total mass 13.5 kg
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Nozzle Flow Velocity 24 cc/hr
Recommended Nozzle Temp 210
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Material ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Nylon etc  
Slicing Software Ideamaker, Simplify3D  
OS Support Windows 7, Linux, Mac OX  
Print without PC Yes with SD card (included) or USB link  
Heated Bed included  Yes up to 110 
Power Consumption 220V, 350W  
Extruder Heads included 2  
Comes with 12 Months Extended Replacement Parts Warranty