PETG-CF (Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG) 1kg

Flashforge PETG-CF is a high-performance 3D printing material, it has the features of high strength and high abrasion resistance. It is produced by carbon fiber reinforced PETG material. This not only increases the toughness of the material substantially but also greatly reduces the shrinkage of the material. 

When printing, you only need the ordinary heating platform, without using the thermal printing cavity you can get a stable size, good interlayer bonding and smooth surfaces on your model.

It is recommended to us a larger 0.5-0.6mm nozzle for optimal printing performance as carbon fibers can cause blockages when printing with smaller 0.4 or smaller nozzle sizes.

Composite material for high strength applications. The toughness of PETG is combined with 20% chopped nylon to add stiffness. It is ideally suited to applications that require higher strength and rigidity. 

The printed finish is matt in appearance. 

Flashforge PA-CF nylon carbon composite 3d print sample

This material is abrasive and will wear a standard nozzle in a short time. It is recommended to use a tougher material nozzle such as hardened steel or stainless steel or a ruby nozzle with a larger then standard nozzle size of 0.5 to 0.6mm.

For the Flashforge Creator 3 or Guider IIs the 0.6mm hardened nozzle is recommended for optimal results.

An application of PVA glue is recommended to assist adhesion to print surfaces. PETG has a tendency to want to bond too well to Flashorge Print Surfaces. It is recommended to apply a think layer of PVA glue on the print surface prior to printing which helps hold the print in place but at the some time prevents the PETG from permanently bonding to the printing surface.

Printing with a brim is recommended to ensure good bed surface adhesion for this material.

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Filament Weight: 1 kg
Printing Temperature: 230-250°C
Build Plate Temperature: 60-80°C
Printing Speed: 50 mm/s

Tensile strength ≥68 MPa
Flexural strength ≥98 MPa
Elongation at Break ≥50 %

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