• Flexible Elastic Rubber-like Filament Black 1.75mm 500g (ex gst)

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This Black Elastic-like or flexible filament is a super elastic type filament. Great for RC car tires, tank tracks, living hinges, belts pulleys etc.

Note: This material is still in the experimental stages, so results will vary.  It sticks to blue tape.  Support material is fairly hard to remove and you will need a knife to cut it off. this 3d printer filament works well for simple designs.  The diameter of this filament varies as it is so elastic, the minimum should be 1.65 to 1.78.

Durometer Test Results: With a 1mm wall thickness on a Durometer A reading is 14. This is quite very flexible elastic type plastic, the thicker you print the object the harder it becomes.

Before your filament is packaged it is cooled and kept dry, then secured with heavy duty stretch tape, a desiccant is then added, then vacuum packed in a nylon bag and finally packaged in a carton box.