Flashforge Explorer DLP 3D Printe

Flashforge have been producing high quality, reliable 3D printers and incredible prices. We are very excited to introduce to you the FlashForge Explorer DLP 3D Printer which is still in development, but is not too far away. Here is a sneak peak of what's to come. If you would like any updates on this machine, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the web page.

High Detail and Accuracy

FlashFOrge Explorer DPL high resolution 3D Prints

Layer by layer, Flashforge DLP Explorer can print objects with an XY resolution of 50 microns and a Z resolution of 25 microns, making smallest resolution possible to avoid unsightly layer stepping as seen in FDM printers. high quality dlp resin

Flashforge DLP Explorer 3D printer can guarantee each voxel (pixel projected) at the right location when curing resin via its projector, leading to higher accuracy in dimension, equivalent to high-end stereolithography 3D printers.

The projector cures a complete layer at a single time, much faster than FDM/SLA 3D printers.

A printer that just works. No calibration is needed before you just hit the button to build fine detailed objects. Get set-up in as little as several minutes.
High-performance resins are optimized for Flashforge Explorer 3D printer for reliable printing with exquisite detail.

FlashForge Explorer DLP 3D Printer Resin Tank


FlashForge Explorer 3D Printer DLP Projector Resin Tank

Explorer supports castable resins which can be used directly in the traditional lost-wax casting process
Flashforge Explorer DLP 3D printer offers many advantages over consumer FDM/SLA 3D printers, working well for a wide variety of applications, such as Jewelry, Rapid Prototyping and Design.

Small build volume is featured for Jewelers to save material. Explorer supports castable resins which can be used directly in the traditional lost-wax casting process.

The Explorer is giving researchers and designers the speed, detail, and capability to turn concepts and ideas to reality as creatively as they design.
Printer Name: Flashforge Explorer
Forming principle: DLP light curing technology
Ordinary precision print volume: 76.8mm x 57.6mm x 150mm
High Precision print volume: 51.2mm x 38.3mm x 150mm
Materials Support: FE1100 (hard resin), FE1200 (wax casting resin)
Exterior color: Classic black
XY positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Layer thickness: 0.25- 0.05mm
Monitor Port: DVI
Operating System: Linux with Flashprint software pre-installed
Power voltage: 220VAC; power 300W
Printer Weight: 24KG
Product size: 500 * 310 * 780mm
Packing size: 605 * 415 * 385mm
Slicing software: FlashDLPrint
File format: STL, DLJ
FlashForge Explorer with built in Linux Computer running Flashprint
The Flashforge Explorer DLP 3D Printer houses an internal computer running Linux with FlashDLPrint software pre-installed.
You will need to supply a DVI monitor, keyboard and mouse to operate it. Files can be transferred to the printer via a USB drive.

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