• Flashforge Dreamer/Finder Genuine ABS 600g (ex gst)


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These 1.75mm ABS filaments are great quality, excellent value and are designed to fit inside Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer. They work equally well in other 3D printers also, just note they have a small 12mm diameter through the center, so a custom spool holder may be required for other printers.

We test many filaments at the 3D Printer Superstore, Flashforge materials offer exceptional value and have been set the benchmark for our testing. This is the latest improved formula from Flashforge which is lower warpage proves to print exceptional results. These are now made to higher dimensional tolerances of +-0.02mm and higher production purity.

Genuine Flashforge Filament 600 gram

Genuine Flashforge filaments come boxed, vacuum sealed with desiccant.

Note to customers- Some less reputable resellers are advertising genuine Flashforge filaments as 700 gram. Flashforge do not make filament spools in 700 gram rolls. Do not be mislead by false claims.

Gunuine Flashforge Dreamer & Finder ABS FIlament for 3D Printer
Filament for Flashforge Dreamer has a new formular for low warping ABS printsFlashforge Dreamer Filament has high precision manufactureFlashforge new formula has good shelf liveFlashforge FIlament ABS and PLA