• Extrusion Nozzle for Up! Printers

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These 0.4mm Extrusion nozzle is suitable for the Up! 3D Printers including the Up! Plus, , Up! Plus 2, Up Mini and the Up Box 3D Printer.

Note: The New Narrow Tip V5 Up Nozzles are NOW IN STOCK!

The Version 5 Up Printers nozzles are backward compatible with all Up box, Up Mini and Up Plus 2 3d printers that have 8mm hot ends. If your printer has a 6mm nozzle, you can no use these. They have a finer, more  pointed tip which results in an improved print quality. Particularly on underside surfaces.

Before and After comparison with V5 Up Nozzles

6mm and 8mm Extrusion nozzles for Up 3d printers |Spare Parts

The Up 3D Printer 6mm nozzles have a visual thread on them.