• Extrusion Nozzle for Up! Printers

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These 0.4mm extrusion nozzles are suitable for the range of Up! 3D printers. 

We now stock the newer version 5 8mm nozzles!

8mm and 6mm Extrusion Nozzles for Up 3D Printers melbourne australia

The Version 5 Up! Printer nozzles are backward compatible with all Up box, Up Mini and Up Plus 2 3d printers that have 8mm hot ends. They have a finer, more  pointed tip which results in an improved print quality. Particularly on underside surfaces.

Before and After comparison with V5 Up Nozzles


The Up! Printer 6mm nozzles have a the thread viewable from the outside, and the 8mm nozzles have the thread hidden on the inside. Consult the nozzle you have loaded onto your printer before ordering.