ExcelFil ABS Candy Yellow 1.75mm

ExcelFil™ – High grade ABS 3D Printing Filaments

Voltivo are renowned for producing high quality 3D Printing filamentwith high dimensional toleranceand colour accuracy for FFF/FDM 3D Printers. Volitio's ExcelFil™ ABS is made from high grade, high density raw materials sourced from Germany. Voltivo 3D printing filaments are widely tested and produced under quality controlled conditions using tight laser-controlled tolerances.

Volico ABS Colours

ExcelFil Package Front View

Voltivo ExcelFil ABS FIlament Box Open

Voltivo conduct vigorous testing on mulitple 3d printers and provide finely tuned optimised printing temperatures for each individual colour of material that they produce.

Key Features-

High dimensional and roundness accuracy of 0.05mm, results in better surface finish and reduced visual artifacts.

Low temperature formulation, results in less blobbing and stringing.

Stronger layer bonding, more rigid 3D printed parts.

Made from A grade raw plastic materials from Germany. No reclaim, recycled or filers.Only Non-toxic colour pigments used.

High quality luster shiny finish with bold fully opaque colour.

RoHS 2 certified, low toxic pigmentation, contains no harmful heavy metals or plasticisers

Vacuum shrink wrapped with desiccant bag, ensures controlled humidity in storage.



Material ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin)
Density 1.05g/cc
Decomposition Temperature 350°C
Water Solutability Insoluble
Color Leafy Green
Diameter 1.75 mm
Diameter Accuracy ±0.05 mm
Roundness Accuracy ±0.05 mm
Heated Bed Temperature 90℃
Print Temperature min. 232℃ / avg. 235℃ / max. 238℃
Recommended Print Speed 40 to 80 mm/sec

 For more details on Recommended 3D Printing Settings click -here


Download ExcelFil™ - High Grade 3D Printing Filament Data Sheet pdf -here

Download Material Safety Datasheet for Voltivo ABS pdf -here


Print Temperatures Guidelines

ExcellFil Slicer Profiles for Slicr Simplify3D and KISSlicer

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