• E3D Scaffold Water Soluble Support 1.75mm (ex gst)


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E3D Scaffold is our latest water soluble support structure for 3d printers. It is an new material that is has performed brilliantly in tests. 
e3D Scafold Water Soluble Support for 3d printers
As a support material Scaffold is distinctly superior to regular PVA, and is much easier to print. Scaffold prints easily, much like PLA, and forms strong clean support structures, with much improved adhesion to a range of materials including Nylon materials, and PET/Co-polyester materials such as Taulmans Nylon, PETG, ColourFabb XT and T-Glass.

Once a 3d print is completed, soak in warm water (about 50 degrees) and scrub the print with a stiff brush to remove Scaffold supports. Agitation and even an ultrasonic bath will assist the removal process.

E3D Scaffold is an experimental material and is still in Beta testing. It will bond to PLA and ABS but the bond is not as strong as it is to Nylons and PET Co-polyesters. It is based on PVA and dissolves in water, and so is extremely vulnerable to moisture. It needs to be kept dry and stored in the supplied resealable bag for storage. If affected by moisture it can be dried at 50 degrees for some hours before printing.

Avoid leaving the filament heated in the hot end as for extended periods as the material will degrade, and purge well before starting a 3d print. It is also recommended to include purge towers in your slicing profile to ensure that the filament is being purged during the print.

For adhesion to the print bed, a thin application of a UHU glue stick works well. It can be printed onto a cold print bed, or a heated bed up to 90 degrees Celsius.


Printing Temperature - 190 to 220 degrees Celsius

SIzes- 1.75mm +-0.05mm

Product Weight- 500 grams

Genuine e3D Online Reseller

1.75mm ± 0.05
1.75mm ± 0.05