• Flashforge Dreamer/Finder Genuine PLA 600g (ex gst)


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These 1.75mm PLA filaments made by Flashforge. This is the new improved formula which higher manufacturing tolerances, now +-0.2mm and purity. This is a low cost material however is of a high quality which prints exceptionally. The spools are specifically designed to fit inside for Flashforge Dreamer and FlashForge Finder 3D Printers however they can be used on other printers that use 1.75mm PLA.

Note - These filaments are also 100% compatible with the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer. 

This is a new-upgraded formulation engineered by Flashforge helps to minimize filament problems such as curling and bubbles during printing. There is also anti-moisture ingredients included in this formulation permits longer storage time without loss of quality.

Genuine Flashforge Filament 600 gram

Genuine Flashforge filaments come boxed, vacuum sealed with desiccant.

Note to customers- Some less reputable resellers are advertising genuine Flashforge filaments as 700 gram. Flashforge do not make filament spools in 700 gram rolls. Do not be mislead by false claims.

Flashforge Finder Dreamer Genuine PLA Filament
Precises and stable PLA FIlament for Flashforge Dreamer 3D PrinterAnti-crack Formula, High quality PLA for Flashforge Dreamer 3D PrintersHigh Purity PLA filament for Flasforge Dreamer 3D Printing