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da Vinci SLA White Resin 2 x 500mls

This Photopolymer Resin Print Pack includes two 500 gram resin bottles. It has been specially formulated for the Nobel Series of 3D printers by XYZprinting. Available in a variety of colours and glass finish, this resin is cures to provide a smooth finish.

Nobel 1.0 Potopolymer Resing Pack


Noble 1.0 Resign Magenta and Blue


Loading Resin Instruction Video-

This video shows how to insert and fill your resin tank for 3d printing with the Nobel 1.0.


 Storage Temperature 15-27°C (59-80°F) / Avoid keeping the resin in environments exceeding 60°C (140°F)
Operating Temperature 18-35°C (64.4-95°F)
Net Weight 500ml/bottle. This package contains 2 bottles for a total of 1L(1000ml)
Gross Weight 1.3kg
Compatability Compatable with XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 and Nobel 1.0A 3D Printers.
Important Safety Notices 1. Heating of this product is strictly prohibited. Photopolymer resins may generate vapors that may cause discomfort when subject to high temperatures.
2. Please keep the product in a well-ventilated space out of childrens reach.
3. Avoid skin or eye contact with the uncured resin. If accidental contact occurs, please immediately rinse the affected area thoroughly using clean water.
4. Uncured resin in the tank may be solidify if exposed to sunlight before disposal. Therefore, be mindful when discarding uncured resin and do not pour material directly into the sink.
5. After printing, any uncured resin on the surface of the printed object must be cleaned away using alcohol.

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