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da Vinci Color PLA

This is specially formulated PLA for the da Vinci Color series of printers. This PLA has a high absorption rate, allowing it to intake and hold onto the colours printed onto it via the da Vinci Color mounted inkjet heads. 

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This filament has been made for the da Vinci Color, and only works with the da Vinci Color with their inks. While you can use other filaments with the da Vinci Color, this is the only filament you can print in full color with. A set of ink lasts through roughly four rolls of filament. 

xyzprinting printing xyz color pla colour da vinci ink 3d printer

Color PLA are extracted from biocompostable materials. In addition to being environmentally friendly, PLA filaments also print in low tempratures which greatly reduce the warpage.

Glass Temperature 45 °C
Nozzle Temperature 190 °C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Filament Weight 600g
Shipping Weight 1.28kg


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