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da Vinci Color INK Magenta

This is specially formulated INK for the da Vinci Color series of printers. This ink has a thicker consistency than most printer inks, and bonds well to plastic, absorbing and drying into the print to allow for high vibrancy and contrast. This also ensures the print won't lose color over time, and the color doesn't wash off or rub away onto other objects. 

xyzprinting xyz printing da vinci color colour 3d ink cmyk

This ink has been made for, and is only compatible with the da Vinci Color series of printers. A cartridge of ink will last about four rolls of da Vinci Color PLA of use, or about 2.2kg of full color high fidelity printing. Case by case use may vary. 

xyzprinting xyz da vinci printer full color colour 3d ink jet heads loading position

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