• Crystal Clear (high impact) 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament 1kg (ex gst)

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This filament has many fans. Customers love the print quality this material provides, it has very low stringing, is much tougher than conventional ABS and has lower shrinkage, so it is great for large prints.

ABS Plus 3mm thick high melting point (210-250°C) filament.

Very Low odour.

1kg 3mm Crystal ABS Plastic Filament on a spool. This is high impact ABS plastic.

Note, it may crystalise and become more opaque depending on wall thickness and environment variables.

Can be used to illuminate LEDs.

Note from 3D Printer Superstore:

For best results, set print speeds to fast. The faster it prints, the more transparent the results. Too slow and the material may bubble.