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Welcome to a new era of 3D Printing. Large format 3D Printing is now available at a fraction of the price with the introduction of the CreatBot DG with 216 litre build volume.


CreatBot DG 3D Printer highest speed 3d printer with 180mm/sec print & 250mm/sec tracle speed

The amazing CreatBot DG 3D Printer has a massive 600 x 600 x 600mm build area and the highest rated printing speed on the market. This 3D printer features a state-of-the-art CoreXY gantry system for horizontal motion. The CoreXY system results in greater stability and a precisional accuracy of 0.01mmof the carriage and ultimately superior print quality. The CoreXY platform permits rapid acceleration as it allows the motion to be controlled with stationary stepper motors which are typically the largest cause of inertia on Cartesian 3d printers enabling print speeds of 180mm/sec and 250mm/sec travel speed.

CreatBOt DG CoreXY Gantry System

The CreatBot DG has no stepper motors on the mechanical moving gantry system which results it less inertia, higher print speeds and higher print quality. This is thanks to a combination of a bowden style extrusion system together with a CoreXY gantry.

The CreatBot DG includes a heated tempered print bed, dual high temperature full metal extruders that can reach temperatures of 400 degrees. This enables 3D printing the maximum variety of 3d printing materials such as ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Wood, Nylon, PETG and Rubber-like and Flexible.

This solid constructed 3D Printer has dual print heads, semi enclosed chamber with see through walls, a heated glass print bed and a bowden style extruder.The extruder has the stepper motors positioned at the back of the machine which results in a light weight print head assembly enabling high speeds.

The CreatBot DG 3D Printer is capable of high speeds and 3d printing large objects, but it is also capable of high detail and high resolution 3D printing with a minimum z resolution of  0.04mm (40 microns). The DG hot end is a flexible design which is capable of high flow rates of filament so it can print with large size print nozzles up to 1.2mm in diameter. This enables you to 3d print thicker and wider perimeters for each layer. This increases the bonding strength between layers resulting in stronger 3d printed parts and reduces print times exponentially. There are a large variety of nozzles sizes available between 0.2mm to 1.2mm, so you have the flexibility to 3d print large high strength prototypes at high speeds, or smaller finer objects with greater detail.

The CreatBot DG prints beautifully in PLA and ABS and PETG as well as other filaments including soluble HIPS and PVA. A great machine for engineering and education, stacking up multiple objects for production work, large architectural models, sculpture, jigs and fixtures, 3D printing people from scanned data or anyone who does not wish to be constrained by the size of their 3D printer.

Killer features of the Creatbot DG include-

CoreXY kinematic gantry system for mechanism for high acceleration motion control, higher precision, accuracy and print quality.

High Speed 3D Printing- Thanks to the highly rigid chassis, lower inertial CoreXY gantry, this 3d printer has the highest rated print speed on the market, capable of 180mm/sec print speeds and 250mm/sec travel speed.

Filament Detection Sensor- A sensor is build into the filament extruder that intelligently detects if you run out of filament or your filament breaks. The print will pause and retract the filament, then wait for you to replenish the material before resuming where it left off.

Advanced power management module- supports automatic cool down and shutdown after printing.

Full metal jacket - High temperature, high flow rate all metal extruder capable of 250 degree Celsius.

Adjustable Extruder- Flexible nozzle sizes available from 0.2mm to 1.2mm diameter. Easily adjust nozzle heights for dual printing modes.

Multi-function Keypad- Make adjustments to the printer on the fly. You can change print temperatures, print speeds, flow rates and fan speeds whist you print. Pause, suspend and resume your prints. Retract and change filament spools / colours mid print and resume where you left off.

Metal Chassis- Full steel structure made from high tensile materials for increases rigidity.

The CreatBot DG has is a high performance large format 3D printer at less than half the price of it's "industrial sized" competitors. The 3D Printer Superstore provides our customers with local Australian support for CreatBot 3D Printers and a 12 month part replacement warranty.

The CreatBot 3D Printer uses Cura Slicing software as well as open source G code

This printer utilises open souce slicing technology and comes with optimised Cura 3D Printing software presets. Other open source slicers can also be used such as Repetier and Simplify3D

Two rolls of PLA filament, a tool kit, USB cable, SD Card and a selection of spare parts are included.

This 3D Printer has epic proportions. The Extruders on the CreatBot have interchangeable Nozzles, available in 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.2mm for high detail and high speed printing.

CreatBot Glass Heatbed

The glass print bed has a unique micro-crystalline textured underside surface which improves heat transfer to the rigidly mounted glass top.

CreatBot Z axis engineered for rigidity

A detail of the beefed up print bed which slides on 12mm Z axis rails.

Extruder Mechanism on the CreatBot Low cost 3D Printers

The large solid filament feed guides are mounted on the rear of the printer, not on the print head- so they can be large and dependable without adding weight to the extruder head mechanism.

An 80mm Display Shows information about the 3D Printer status, you can pre heat, control the printer and run bed a leveling procedure. You can also save G-code files on the provided SD card and print directly from the printer interface without the need to be connected to a PC. The controls allow you to make adjustments while you are printing- change print speeds, flow rates and temperatures, nozzles etc, on the fly.

CreatBot D600 rear view triple head 3d printer


This rear view shows the 3 spool holder set-up of the triple 3d printing head configuration of the CreatBot DG.


3D Printer Owls on a CreatBot 3D Printer

HIgh resolution 3D printed samples from our CreatBot Series of 3D Printers.

Specifications Units
Build Volume: 600 x 600 x 600 (216 litres) mm
Dimensions: 805 x 725 x 840mm
Minimum Layer Thickness (Z resolution) 0.04 mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 (standard) or 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 (optional) mm
Nozzle Count: 2 (3 optional by request)
Extrusion Style: Bowden Style, Max 250 degree Celsius Full metal Hot End
Positioning Accuracy XYZ axis): X, Y 0.01, Z 0.015 mm
Print Speed (stable): 180 mm /s
Speed Max: 250 mm /s
Heat Bed Temperature (Max): 120 degree Celcius
Print Materials: PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Laywood, Laybrick, Flexible, PETG, etc. mm
Filament Diameter: 3  (1.75mm optional but not recommended)
Operating System: OS: XP/Vista, Win7,Win 8  & Mac compatible
Printing Software: CreatWare (uses Cura open source slicing) . Can use other RepRap marlin based open source slicers such as Slic3r, Printrun, RepetierHost, KISSlicer and Simplify3D.
Compatible File Formats: .STL OBJ and GCode, Amf
Offline Printing: Yes (via SD card)
Control Chip: Arduino ATmega 2560 R3 Micro Controller
Stepper Motor: X, Y 42*48, 1.3A    Z 42*42, Ratio 1:10
Power Input: 110 -220V, 1.5 A
Power Output: 24V, 10.5A
Net Weight / Packing weight: 120 / 133 kg
Shipping Volume:  110 x 110 x 110 cm

Package Includes:

1 X CreatBot DG Dual Head Printer 3D Printer Assembled (need to mount heat bed and extruder stepper motors)

1 x 4GB SD card

1 X USB cable

1 X AU power cable

1 x Tool Kit (including scraper, spanners etc)

1 x Kapton Adhesive Sheet (for Print Bed)

1 x set miscellaneous spare parts


Latest CreatBot 3D Printing Software can be downloaded here-

Latest  Creatbot Software User manual can be downloaded here-


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