• ColorFabb XT-CF20 Carbon 750g (ex gst)


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ColorFabb XT-CF20 is produced wih AMPHORA 3D Polymer from Eastman Chemical. It is a 3D printing filament that is a copolyester blended with 20% specially sourced carbon fibers which makes it very stiff with a high melt point. Ideally suited for applications for the RC Industry, Drones, Aerospace, Automotive and functional Prototyping.

ColorFabb XT-CF20

ColorFabb XT-CF20 3d printed RC Rims

Filament characteristics-

  • Extreme High Flex Modulus (6.2 GPa) / twice as stiff as PLA
  • Moderate strain at break (8-10%), so no extreme brittle filament, but toughness
  • High Glass Temp. (Tg = 80C)
  • Very high Melt strength
  • Very high Melt Viscosity
  • Good dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Low odor / Styrene Free solution
  • Easy processing on many platforms
  • High attractive matt black surface


Suggested 3D Printing Settings-

Temperature: 240-260C

Printing Speed: 40 - 70 mm/s

Heated Bed: 60-70C

Note that Carbon Fibre is abrasive and will accelerate the wear of brass extruder nozzles. Hardened steel or stainless steel nozzles are recommended to use with this filament.