• Cap Fitting 4mm Tube M10 Thread For 3D Printers (ex gst)


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Brass Cap Fittings are commonly used to secure Teflon Tube onto Bowden style hot ends for 3D Printers. These are suitable for PU/Nylon and Polyurethane tubes of 4mm Outside Diameter and include a M10 Outer Thread. The blue collar locks the tube into position, preventing the tube from withdrawing.

Cap Fitting for Bowden style 3d printer hot ends

Inside detail of Brass Cap Fitting

Tube Outside Diameter: 4mmOuter Thread: M10
PC: thread straight through
Negative Pressure: -750mmhg (10Torr)
Operating Temperature Range: 0~60 degree Celsius
Suitable Tube Material: PU/Nylon and Polyurethane