Code p-West

Builder 3D Printer

Metallic Bronze


Allow us to introduce the latest in 3D printing innovation, the Builder 3D Printer. A compact, stable and accurate desktop 3D printer engineered by Code p-West, a world class precision mechanical engineering company in the Netherlands.  

You can now buy the Builder 3D Printer here in Australia and New Zealand, exclusively at the 3D Printer Superstore.


The Builder 3D Printer is a fully assembled Reprap 3d printer that incorporates smooth running high quality mechanical and precision CNC machined components. This machine prints exclusively in PLA and includes a sizable build volume of 220 x 220 x 175mm (8.5 litres) with a Z height resolution of 0.15mm. It is highly finished in a powder coated metal frame which ensures rigidity and accurate parts.


Dimensions 385 x 370 x 400 mm
Build Volume
220 x 220 x 175 mm (8.5 litres)
Resolution (Z height)
Printer Consumables
1.75mm PLA Filament
3D Printing Software Open Source Pronterface and Cura
Operating System Required
Window Mac or Linux





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