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0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bit 10 Pack

These are High Quality Precision Engineered Japanese Drill Bits which are traditionally used for high-speed machining. They are perfect for clearing blocked nozzles on 3D Printers. Unfortunately nozzles on 3d printers do block, even on professional 3d printing machines, it might not happen for months, or it may happen on your first print!  Cleaning them is a part of normal 3d printing maintenance. A good set of drill bits are an essential tool for 3D printing on FDM / MMM style 3d printers.

0.4mm Drill Bits for cleaning 3d printer nozzles in case

0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bit 10 Pack for 3d printers

Tips from the 3D Printing Experts-


1. Heat the nozzle to normal temperature you would normally print at printing.

2. Extrude a good amount of filament, then promptly withdraw it from the machine. This ensures the nozzle is cleared out of as much filament as possible before you take the nozzle off. Only remove a nozzle from a 3D printer when it is at full printing temperature! Never try to take them off when they are cold. The filament inside is as strong as glue and you will strip the thread or snap the heat break. This is the most common mistake people make in 3d printer maintenance.

3. Never apply any shear force to the heater block. Hold the heat block securely when removing the nozzles. The heat break on 3d printers are often fragile and will break. Remember, the extruder is hot, so don't burn yourself.

4. Once removed you can soak nozzles in a solvent such as acetone for ABS or caustic soda for PLA filament. Some people like to burn out filament with a butane torch, but don't over heat brass nozzles, as they will start to deteriorate.

5. Remove as much filament from the inside of the nozzle with a large drill bit first.

6. Insert the correctly sized drill bit into the nozzle gently by hand. Do not use a power drill. Do not bend the drill bits as they will break. Do not increase the size of the hole. We always recommend that you clean your nozzles from the inside out rather than the outside in- to avoid any damage to the opening hole of your 3d printer nozzles. 3D printing nozzles are usually made from soft metals such as brass, these drill bits are made from hardened steel, so be careful.

7. Once clean, you can place the nozzle onto your 3d printer once more, but only at printing temperature.

8. You will need to calibrate your nozzle height to the print bed before your next 3D Print.


10 x High Precision Drill Bits

Size: 0.4mm Diameter

Shank Diameter: 3.175

The 10 drills come assembled with ergonomic holding rings. They are packaged in a protective plastic storage case. Suitable for 3D Printer nozzles with a diameter of 0.4mm or larger.

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