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Introducing the world's first full colour FFF 3D printer

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The da Vinci Color is XYZprinting's first FFF desktop 3D printer with true colour technology achieved through the combination of inkjet and 3D printing technology. Droplets of ink attach themselves to the color-absorbing PLA filament, allowing the da Vinci Color to create prints with millions of colours! Never be constrained by filament colours again!

Millions of Color Possibilities

da Vinci color comes with a spool of 3D Color-inkjet PLA and a set of color ink cartridge (CMYK). You can get printing right after unboxing, and creat stuff you've never created before.
Not only does the da Vinci Color's inkjet technology provide full-color prints, it also provides high speed and efficient printing, ensuring that users will get their prints quickly and in professional quality.

Easier to use than a 2D printer

The da Vinci Color gives users all the control right at their fingertips with an easy-to-use color touch screen. Users can control features, such as the automatic platform correction, and connect to their home wireless network. The da Vinci Color has numerous sensors that indicate broken material detection during the printing process, allowing users to be able to stop and restart prints without wasting time and filament.
Full automatic bed levelling like on no other printer! Not just a mesh bed offset, but a bed with motors that physically level the bed for you. No longer worry about looking after your printer, and get printing!

XYZprinting's New 3D Color-Inkjet PLA Filament

XYZprinting's new material - New 3D Color-Inkjet PLA Filament allows for the absorption of droplets of ink, which is what makes the da Vinci Color able to print full-color prints. The New 3D Color-Inkjet PLA filament is also sturdier than regular PLA, perfect for tooling, adhesion, and impact resistance. It's versatility gives users the creative freedom to incorporate the material in any number of projects.
*Printer comes with PLA filament (300g) and ink cartridges (20ml).

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Technology Inkjet printing on fused filament fabrication
Build Volume 200 x 200 x 150 mm (L x W x H
Z Resolution 100 - 400 microns (0.1 - 0.4mm)
Filament material 3D color-inkjet PLA / PLA / Tough PLA / PETG
Ink Type Separate ink cartridge (CMYK)
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Print bed EZ-removable print bed (non-heated)
Print bed levelling Auto-levelling 
Stepper motors 1.8 degree step angle with 1/16t microstepping
XYZ positioning precision X/Y 12.5 micron. Z 4 micron. 
Build speed Average: 30 - 60 mm/sec
Print head travel speed 30 - 300 mm/sec
Control interface 5-inch colour touch LCD
Filament feeding Automatic filament loading
Product dimensions 600 x 581 x 640 mm (WxDxH)
Shipping dimensions 671 x 688 x 686 mm (WxDxH)
Product weight 32kg
Shipping weight 43kg
Software XYZmaker
File types


Operating systems

Windows 7,8,10 (64 bit). 

Mac OS X 10.10,10.11,10.12.

Linux 14.04


WiFi, USB 2.0 port

Power requirements 100-240V, 50-60 HZ
Operating temperature 15 - 30 oC
Storage temperature

Ink cartridge 15 - 35 oC

Filament material 0 - 38 oC

Warranty 12 months with local (Australian) Support
*Product features, price and specification are subject to change without notice.


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