UP BOX + FREE UP Mini 2 Bundle

FREE Up Mini 2 when you purchase an Up Box+ 3d printer

Buy One Get One Free. Yes That's right. Buy and Up Box+ 3d printer and get an Up Mini 2 3d printer (valued at $989.89 inc gst)  absolutely free. Plus we will ship them out to anywhere in Australia with free shipping.

It's too good of a deal to let it end so soon,  offer has been extended until 31st December or until stock runs out.

These printers are the perfect partners, the ideal choice for schools looking to start out or expand there 3d printing space. Or you could keep one for your self and give one away for Christmas.

Free 3d printer bundle offer Buy and Up Box get a free Up Mini 2

Initial customers have been very pleased with the performance of this 3D Printer. It sets a new standard in 3D printing. We anticipate that this 3d printer will win the hearts of many critics and win awards in 3D printing bench tests for its print quality, easy of use, reliability and value. Watch this space!

Introducing the Up Box 3D Printer, this video demonstrates the initial set up of the printer, calibration and printing your first 3d prints using the Up slicing software from Tiertime.

This 3D printer includes all the great features that the Up printers are famous for but it is bigger, faster, higher resolution, whisper quiet, fully enclosed, self calibrating, includes an air filtration system and has looks to die for. The perfect and affordable desktop 3D Printer has arrived! 

Stand Out Feature of the Up Box Include-

Jaw Dropping good looks.... but not just a pretty face (it looks even better in real life!)

Easy of use, reliability and performance

Fully Automated Platform Leveling and Height Detection

Automated filament loading and withdraw function

Smart Support - easy break away support structures

Active HEPA Air Filtering

100 micron Z Resolution

Large 10.7 litre 255 x 205 x 205mm build volume

30% faster than previous generation Up Printer

Does it look this good in real life...you bet!

Up Box 3D Printer CLose upUp Box front view of the 3D PrinterThe illuminated text inside the Up Box flashes and strobes in difference sequences, so you always know the status of the build from a distance.

Up Box 3D Printer Fully enclosed with air filterThe 3 button touch panel allows you to control, pause and reprint without the need of a computer.

Up Box 3D Printer Filament holder detailThe Filament spool on the Up Box sits neatly in the side of the machine. Enclosed away from dust, but kept cool away from the build chamber.

Up Box Rear view by TeirtimeThe Up Box is attractive from all angles. Whisper quite and odor free with its built in HEMA air filter. A show piece for any design studio or corporate office.

Key Features-

Large  Build Volume
UP BOX provide an build volume of 255x205x205mm (WxHxD) for extra large print jobs. Its large print platform enables small batch 3D printing productions to be carry out with unprecedented efficiency.

FullyAutomated Platform Calibration
A motorised probe is integrated in the printer for true automatic platform leveling and nozzle height detection. No human intervention is required during printer calibration, providing a seamless 3D printing experience.

Auto calibration sensor in action
Faster Printing with Higher Precision
UP BOX print 30% faster than UP Plus 2. I also prints at a 30% higher resolution of 100 micron layer height which gives the best resolution in the UP series.

Fully Enclosed Printing Environment
The enclosed build chamber maximizes temperature stability, enhance adhesion, the result is minimum warping for printing large objects. The Up Box now comes with perforated build platforms as well as a smooth platform for printing raft less models. 

Quiet Desktop Operation and Air Filtration
UP BOX produces very little noise compared to other 3d printers with a measured level of 51.7 dB. The built-in air filter absorbs volatile particles and fumes and odors. Feel comfortable working with it in the same room or the desk.

Smart Support Technology
Industrial leading support generation algorithm that produces easily removable support structures and improve print quality.  This advanced technology allows difficult and complex designs to be printed at ease. It also enables printing of more difficult models. Support material break of easier, reducing post processing times and resulting in cleaner underside surfaces.

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