Filament Cleaner for 3mm and 1.75mm

Don't be defeated by old filaments! 

voltivo filament cleaner 3d printer printing melbourne australia

As most filaments are made from plastics, they are often statically charged and attract all sorts of debris from around your filament storage or work space.

The Voltivo anti-static filament cleaner wipes lint, dust, or other dirt before the filament enters your printer’s valuable extruder and nozzle.

The use of the Voltivo Filament Cleaner Block will prevent your nozzle from being blocked by a buildup of debris and extend your nozzle’s and hot-end’s useful life.


filament cleaner voltivo pad 1.75 3 melbourne australi

The filament cleaners have different sized diameter holes in them to allow for thorough cleaning of filament, no matter the diameter! 


filament cleaner comparision voltivo 3d printer printing melbourne australia

Don't waste time with home-brew solutions that cause more problems than solutions. The 3D printer filament cleaners are tried and tested to help you get new life out of your old filament, protect your new filament, and increase the life of your printer's extruder. 


Material Crack and flame resistant rubber foam
Cleaner Size 2cm x 2cm x 2cm
Compatibility Most Direct or Bowden Drive Printer Designs
Packaging 6 individually sealed cleaners
Product Packaging 134mm x 134mm x 23mm
Weight 15g including packaging

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